Reclaimed Teak
Reclaimed Teak
Reclaimed Teak
Reclaimed Teak

the-best-teak-wood-comes-from-the-mature-trees-20171005153828.jpg The Best Teak Wood Comes from The Mature Trees
The Tectona tree or teak tree is one of the tropical hardwoods birches, included in the family Verbenaceae. This teak tree is originally from the plantations of South East Asia especially in Indonesia and can grow to a height of 30 to 40 meter. As a part of its cycle tree, this teak tree sheds its leaves each year at dry season. Its longevity is remarkable, the tree often living to an age of hundred years. Read More >>
indonesia-furniture-teak-wood-furniture-20170706111015.jpg Indonesia Furniture: Teak Wood Furniture
Reviewing from a number of references about the origin of teak wood, according to some botanists, teak is a native species in Burma, which then spread to the Indian Peninsula, Thailand, Philippines, and Java. In Indonesia especially in Java is the best place to cultivate teak due to soil couture and the best climate. Read More >>
touch-of-nostalgia-from-rustic-furniture-20170520093116.jpg Touch of Nostalgia from Rustic Furniture
Now days, the world of furniture is popular with rustic furniture. Rustic Furniture is a type of furniture that has a rustic finish, or furniture with natural look. Read More >>
furniture-trend-for-2017-20170421095508.jpg Furniture Trend for 2017
Industry and trend like two sides of a coin are inseparable and connecting each other. A furniture company with wood as the main raw material should begin to implement the strategy faces several trends that appear related to the environmental awareness which is increasing in some countries. Read More >>
no-wood-wasted-20170210100712.jpg No Wood Wasted
In this world everything could be used if we could manage it wisely. One of materials in this world that could be used for many products is wood. We almost will always see wood in our life. It is could be made as wood furniture like wardrobe, table, chair etc and watch even as stairs. Read More >>
bring-the-artistic-look-into-your-home-with-reclaimed-furniture-20161117084637.jpg Bring The Artistic Look Into Your Home with Reclaimed Furniture
The wood comodity is getting scarce nowdays, therefore wood can not be sold easily and ilegally.The regulation from government about wood trading is getting tighter as well. But, don’t be worry for you the wood furniture lover. Read More >>